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Oneness Blessing

Wednesday 17th March, 2009

jyotisha Dear [firstname] your monthly newsletter in which we cover subjects, which improve the flowering of your heart. By means of embracing your sorrow in order to enjoy your life and the state your are in. Hans

What is desirous attachment?

Desirous attachment is an emotional state of mind that observes an object, which can be a person or a thing. It has several phases of intensity in harming others and yourself. It harms the person who experiences it and it harms the people it is directed at. If you can not control your desirous attachment at this stage you could learn to control the 7 phases of desirous attachment. These phases originate from Buddhist sources.

  1. we perceive or remember an object and feel it to be attractive
  2. we focus our attention on the good qualities
  3. we exaggerate the positive aspects of an object or person
  4. we hold the object or person to be desirable
  5. we develop a strong desire for the object or person to unite with
  6. we want to possess, hold or touch the object or person
  7. we want to be inseparable and absorb into the object or person


Many individuals who develop desirous attachment move very quickly from phase 1 to phase 5. Even faster as a Ferrari accelerates from 1 to 100km!

First you perceive or remember an object, which is similar to the experience or feeling of an earlier situation. This can also be your own beauty and inner light, which you use to have as a child. Your mind blows up the situation and looses the proper perspective and only puts attention on the good qualities. Then you exaggerate the positive aspects of an object or person. Then you pay extreme attention to it and want to hold it. You forget everything what happens around you. You strongly want to unite with it, you want to possess, hold or touch it and then you want to become inseparable and completely absorb into the object or person.

Actually you do not accept your own bright side and have strong fears to move into your power. You want to pull the light from external objects or persons inside by uniting with them. You create a forced union. A certain aspect of the person or object is like a mirror of your inner self, which you want to have and embrace.

With the beautiful car, fantastic house or ideal partner you want to cover up your low inner self esteem. To the outer world you want to show your possessions in order to feel better inside. You see the beauty of light or creation in the outer world, which you lack inside by means of an emotional blockade.

You probably have been hurt in the past and you have withdrawn your inner light into a smaller box. You still have memories of your extended sphere of energy and want to connect to it by connecting to persons or objects of beauty in the outer world. You look for this recognition of your power in the outer world.

This constant searching and moving your eye awareness to objects in the outer world leaks energy. Another point is that perceived objects and persons do not exist from their own side. Your mind colors them by the 7 phases, by which you develop desirous attachment. All is a reflection of your inner self, which is still charged.

Why is it harmfully?

In the background individuals coping with desirous attachment steal life energy, because they can not create it by themselves. The result is that you strongly want the person or object in your non harmonic space. You have a habit of pulling the object or person inside your energy sphere. This is not a free will in case it is a person. You might throw your energy sphere over another person and manipulate the situation.

In addition it can be very annoying for other persons that everything outside you is more beautifully. The strong desire, the strong possessiveness does not feel harmonious. You do not pay attention to people surrounding you and this can create jealousy and anger. It is like you live in another reality and want to escape your life. You try to escape the pain inside of you and as a result you escape your life as well and can not enjoy it.

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Oneness Blessing calendar an receive it remotely

Inline ImageOneness Blessing sessions are organized throughout the world. See Handy Links at the left column for every country. Every 2 weeks we organize an Oneness Blessing session in Haarlem Netherlands. If you live abroad or cannot make it, you can zoom into the session by meditating at around 11:45 hours, when the actual blessing giving starts. We suggest you to prepare in the following way:

  • subscribe through the contact form and put in the message "remote oneness blessing"
  • decide for which suffering you would like the Oneness Blessing to support you
  • connect with attention and intention remotely with us
  • Invite all you teachers and ancestors to come and help you
  • realize you tried to solve your problem for ages on your own and you need Divine grace
  • do some yoga exercises
  • do some mantra exercises like Dyana Mantra
  • sit down and receive the Oneness Blessing remotely

Any questions or request please let me know through the contact form.

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